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Fist Fam drops more visuals in support of there new album “Posted” available at 

Here’s what the BIG homie Top.R had to say.

New vid from Asheville’s official hometown heros The Fist Fam. by far my favorite vid of them to date, everything just looks, sounds and feels like North Carolina to me on this one. Real dope, real original. Gurp City South @ its finest.

The title explains it all. Hit the source below to find out more. Shout outs to the big homie Top.R



My good friends Foulmouth Jerk & Top.R go live tonight from 7pm-9pm PST. Click above for the stream

Talk, music and comedy show featuring the dubious opinions and highly suspect social commentary of master debaters Foul Mouth Jerk & TopR Holiday. It features in-depth interviews with both local and nationally disreputable artists and musicians of every sordid manner, as well as advice from a suspected felon. Hip-hop, funk and classics provided by DJ’s Football, Adam Strange & Abe Froaman, the Sausage King of Chicago. The inmates are now running the asylum.”

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